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Based in Albany, Georgia, Southeast Legal Investigation and Detection’s owner, operator, and chief investigator, Lee Wilson, has accumulated more than thirty years of investigative experience in criminal investigation and complex civil litigation.

Mr. Wilson began his career in law enforcement at the age of nineteen.  Over the course of the next twenty-three years, he had the opportunity to both personally investigate and supervise the investigations of a variety of criminal activity, including property crimes, robberies, sex crimes, drug-related activities, white-collar crimes, homicides, other death investigations, and other complex crimes, often involving multiple offenders.

Mr. Wilson also brings considerable undercover experience to the table, including countless hours of covert surveillance.  Lee’s career in law enforcement has also afforded him the opportunity to testify at every level of the State and Federal Court Systems.

Since 2003, Lee has worked exclusively as the Case Investigator for an established and well-respected law firm in Albany dealing with complex civil litigation.  This experience has given him an appreciation for the differences between the criminal and civil processes, the intricacies of civil law, and the role that insurance plays in certain areas of civil litigation.

Lee’s combined training and experience has resulted in a host of professional contacts, not only in the legal field and in law enforcement, but also in private investigations, insurance, and governmental agencies.

James Bubba Williams

James “Bubba” Williams is a 36-year law enforcement veteran. He began his law enforcement career in 1983 as a Deputy Sheriff of Baldwin County where he remained until 1987. Simultaneously, from 1986-1987, he served as a Public Safety Officer at Georgia College and State University. After obtaining his Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and Master of Public Administration from Georgia College and State University, Bubba joined the Georgia State Board of Pardons and Paroles in 1987.

Bubba began with the agency as a Parole Officer I, and over the next 32 years, moved progressively through the ranks. He spent 25 years as a Parole Officer, Assistant Chief Parole Officer, and Chief Parole Officer of the Ocmulgee Judicial Circuit. In the course of his duties in these capacities, he supervised a caseload of offenders released from prison to parole supervision. As an Assistant Chief and Chief Parole Officer he was responsible for the direction and oversight of all parole related activities in the Ocmulgee Judicial Circuit; managed human resources and directed administrative activities for parole employees to include hiring directing, training, evaluating and when necessary, utilizing the disciplinary process to address disciplinary issues. He was also required to complete sensitive investigations such as those involving the death sentence, life imprisonment and HIV cases. In 2012, Bubba was promoted to an Executive Management position as the Northeast Regional Director where he was responsible for the field operations for the parole offices located in the Northeast are of Georgia. He was then promoted to the position of Assistant Director of Field Operations in 2013. In this capacity, his responsibilities included serving as an appointing authority with the power to process sanctions, promotions and hiring of staff. He directly supervised five (5) Regional Directors and the officers assigned to the Georgia Fugitive Squad while overseeing the daily operations of 62 statewide parole offices comprised of 1100 total personnel and supported the functions of each. He also was responsible for responding to Legislative inquiries regarding offenders supervised by Parole; providing information to the Governor’s Criminal Justice Reform Council; and participating in the development of re-entry programs for the Governor’s Re-Entry initiative.

Bubba was promoted to Director of Clemency in 2015. As the Director of Clemency, he led the division that is responsible for the parole process beginning with an offender’s case being thoroughly investigated and ultimately resulting in the offender’s file being reviewed by the Board Members who determine whether to grant parole. He was responsible for the oversight of the daily operations of the Georgia Parole Board’s Clemency division which included all parole investigations, and preparation and submission of all decisions regarding tentative parole dates of all inmates in state prison facilities in Georgia. Further, Bubba was responsible for all releases to include parole, pardons, reprieves, conditional transfers and completed all death sentence clemency preparation interviews and hearings for the Georgia Parole Board. In the final year of Bubba’s 32-year career with the Georgia State Board of Pardons and Paroles, he served as the Director of Support Operations where he was responsible for the direct oversight and supervision of the Human Resource, Budget, Professional Standards and Training, Internal Affairs and Public Affairs units. Further, using his extensive knowledge of the parole process, he coordinated with outside agencies such as Georgia Tech to use quantitative research to improve parole case processing.

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