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Family law investigations can be a very stressful but necessary event during your divorce. Whether you have a custody dispute or are trying to find missing funds, you may need a family law investigation.  Investigations are usually the result of one spouse making an allegation against the other for doing/taking part in something that is illegal or immoral, such as abuse, drugs, or adultery. More than likely, family law investigations will occur when there are issues of child custody to consider.

Child custody investigations help determine facts of the case by collecting evidence that helps a family court decide what is in the children’s best interest. Courts decide cases based on a presentation of the facts and not on emotion; therefore, a family law investigation can be crucial in helping present and show those all important and necessary facts.

Child Abuse Investigations can help prove or disprove allegations of either child abuse or spousal abuse.  Just because someone states that abuse has occurred and even if abuse did occur but it cannot be proved with facts, the court will not even hear about the allegations. There must be legitimate proof of abuse occurring that can be found in the family law investigation for a judge to hear the allegations.

Investigating a spouse for adultery can be done during a family law investigation to help prove or disprove such accusations. Once again, findings of fact are an important aspect of family court, and the family law investigation can aid in helping determine and establish these facts. Whether or not you should agree to or contract with us to conduct a family law investigation depends on how complicated your case is. It also depends on whether or not you are sure that something is really happening because the only thing that matters in court are the facts, facts that our investigative team can uncover. Family law investigations are a very helpful and important aspect of the fact-finding process.

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