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Record searches may need to be done when you’re involved in a legal matter. There are also other times when you need to conduct record searches that aren’t legally motivated, such as checking out a future hire. Perhaps you want to find out about a witness’ past, or you need to find assets to establish monetary value for an insurance or wrongful death claim. Maybe you need to conduct medical record searches due to a personal injury case, malpractice case, or other tort. Whatever the reason, record searches are often needed. Record searches can also include business, employment, and union records. Banking and financial records can come in handy during any case involving monetary awards. You may need to search the history of a defendant or witness in terms of his or her military career, social security records, or past workers’ compensation cases to show either exceptional character or a history of lying and poor choices. Any type of record that is needed during the discovery process of any type of case may need record searches. Record searches can be useful when doing a background check on a future employee. Doing a criminal record search can come in handy during the hiring process by helping you avoid hiring the wrong candidate for a particular position. Many people will lie on job applications, but a search of various records can prove the truth, one way or another, thus ensuring that you’re getting the best employee for each opening that you have.

To do proper record searches, it’s important to know exactly which kind of database to use, what type of process service is needed, if any, and the exact evidence that you are looking for to make your case. There is no point in wasting efforts with record searches that won’t be allowed into evidence to start with or that won’t provide the needed information. It’s imperative that all laws, regulations, and rules are followed when conducting record searches and producing documentation resulting from those record searches.

Record searches need to be authenticated and organized for best results for any type of legal case. Whether that is custom numbering, or other types of documents management needed, it will depend on each individual situation and the legalities of the case. The laws vary depending on what type of record searches are needed and whether or not they are public records, court records, criminal records, medical records, financial records, employment records, death records, or some other type of record, such as a title to property, as to who can legally access them. Improper record searches can result in hold ups and problems for your case. Some records are available to the public, while others require a court order and service to obtain. There are numerous types of record searches you may need to conduct such as social security number verification, criminal records searches, personal profile background searches, business credit searches, employment verification searches, driving record searches, motor vehicle records searches, and even medical record searches may be needed for various legal actions. But, if they are not conducted legally, you won’t be able to use them in a court of law.

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