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Pre-employment background screening services come in handy when employers have a hard time finding the right employees to fill various positions. Sometimes, they think the person they have chosen is the right person, only to find out later that the employee lied on his or her resume and, in some cases, even their references were false. This can be avoided by using pre-employment background screening services, especially for important key positions.

Whether you’re hiring a traditional employee or a nanny, you need pre-employment background screening services. The environment is exceedingly competitive for every job, and you want the right person for the job. You want to avoid problems and risks associated with hiring the wrong person. Sometimes, the choices are truly a life and death matter.

Once you have chosen at least two candidates you can submit their respective information for pre-employment background screening services. These screenings can include checking for criminal records, financial records, and drug use. In some cases, parts of the screening are done on every applicant that is being considered for an interview. In other cases, the full pre-employment screening is done once management has decided that this is a person they want to hire.

There are many benefits to pre-employment screening, and it should be part of every company’s risk management plan. Some of the benefits are right up front in terms of letting each potential applicant know that a background screening will be done on every person considered for the job. If the potential employee knows up front what will happen, dicey candidates are often put off from applying.

If candidates know that screenings will take place, they are much more likely to present themselves in an honest way.  Doing pre-employment background screenings will ensure a better candidate is chosen, and you’ll enjoy less turn-over,saving your company thousands in the entire employment process.  By doing pre-employment screenings, you avoid even having to look at applications, in most cases, by drug addicts and criminals and can avoid hiring people who aren’t committed to the job.

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