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Infidelity Investigations, sometimes referred to as Domestic Investigations, are sought by people who suspect their spouse or significant other of being involved in secret relationship, usually, but not always, sexual in nature.  Most private detectives will agree that one of the most sought-after services for any investigator involves suspicions by the client that a spouse or significant other is cheating on them.

One of the hardest realities to face is the possibility of infidelity in a marriage or exclusive relationship.

Statistics show that 85% of women and 50% of men who suspect their lover is cheating are correct in these suspicions. Usually a gut feeling is a strong sign of a cheating lover, but there are often very direct signs and signals. When your mate’s habits, routines and attitudes change without warning, our team can help in figuring out if your spouse or partner is having an affair. A few questions to ask yourself.

Is your spouse/lover:
• Protective of their mobile phone and access to it?
• Taking suspicious business or other overnight trips?
• Joining a gym and beginning a rigorous workout program?
• Sudden loss in weight?
• Different grooming habits?
• Atypical erratic behavior?

Any of the above could be signs of infidelity and should not be ignored. It’s never easy to deal with the possibility of a cheating spouse/lover, but we can make the realization easier.

Domestic Investigations may include other matters of concern and extend to worries about a child, sibling, parent, loved one or close friend is suffering from an alcohol and/or drug problem, gambling addiction, pornography addiction or anything else that could put their safety and well-being in jeopardy.

Domestic Investigations are often contracted by employers who might become concerned after a once dependable and hard-working employee suddenly becomes withdrawn, misses deadlines, and calls in sick with regularity.  This behavior could be tale-tale signs of substance abuse problems, mental health issues, relationship problems or any number of issues that could affect a business and its reputation.

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