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With  approximately 2000 people going missing in the U.S. each day, the lack of law enforcement’s ability to keep up is apparent. Many missing persons are due to psychiatric problems and domestic disputes. Only a small fraction are true stranger abductions. As we’ve learned recently from the news, missing persons could literally be found next door. Without a professional investigation conducted in many cases that aren’t classified by the FBI as endangered, a loved one may never be found.

In addition, sometimes, a missing person wants to be missing, such can be the case of an adult involved in a legal case. There are also cases where a person is just hard to locate but is not really classified as missing. Even so, there are times when a person needs to be located, and that’s where a missing persons investigation can be conducted.

Tracing a missing person can be a difficult and emotionally-draining process for those involved, but professional, dedicated, and thoughtful services can help. Our investigative team has successfully located numerous missing persons, while also valuing the privacy of the family — and in many cases — the missing person’s privacy as well. Conducting an investigation into a missing person that leads to the successful recovery of the missing person is an important part of many other types of cases that we handle.

Whether you’re trying to find a long-lost friend, loved one, relative, or other missing person –such as a person you need to provide process service to — we can help you locate the person who does not want to be found. It can seem like an impossible task, and it’s important that you not rely on Internet “do it yourself” services that possibly break many laws in the process. We will start with the information you provide and work from there, no matter how small.

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