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Southeast Legal Investigation & Detection [SELID] submits there can be no worse experience in life than losing a loved one or friend in a sudden and unexpected manner. When an unexpected death occurs, most people are so consumed with grief that they generally have little or no ability to process anything related to the cause or manner of the untimely death. Many times, it will be days, weeks or months later, before family or friends have enough emotional normalcy restored to begin processing the event and asking questions about the death itself. All too often, these questions will go unanswered.

When someone dies unexpectedly, there’s generally an investigation by the law-enforcement agency from the venue where the death occurred. Depending on the jurisdiction, either the local Coroner and/or Medical Examiner will participate in the investigation or the Coroner will prepare a death certificate stating the cause and manner of death. Unfortunately, mistakes can and do happen and a loved one’s death can be mischaracterized on the official Death Certificate.

Law-enforcement is made up mostly of men and women who are dedicated to their jobs of protecting the citizens and upholding the laws they took an oath to enforce. SELID agrees that our police have a tough job and most perform their job to the best of the abilities, based on the training and experience they’ve received. However, all too often, inexperienced and untrained officers will make a determinations about a death that are incomplete at best, and downright wrong at worst.

SELID has extensive training in death investigations and have the resources and ability to provide the answers you need concerning the death of a family member or friend. SELID investigators have investigated many deaths during our collective years in law-enforcement and during our time in business. Please see below to read testimonials from two of SELID’s past clients who experienced the loss of loved ones and who turned to SELID to get the answers they needed.

My family hired Lee Wilson and Southeast Legal Investigation & Detection to investigate the unthinkable possibility that our loved one would have committed suicide.  During our initial meeting Lee made it very clear that he would conduct a non-biased and thorough investigation and that we would need to prepare ourselves for his findings either way.

My family is happy to report that Lee’s investigative efforts resulted in our loved ones death being re-classified from suicide to homicide and the person responsible for the death is now jailed and awaiting trial on murder charges.

Yvonne & Dave MagnusNorth Carolina

I made phone contact with Lee around 4:00 pm on a Monday and explained as much as possible and asked if he could help my family. Lee made no promises, but said he would try and help, but first asked for some time to make some changes to his schedule, but he would come ASAP. I did not realize ASAP meant that evening, but Lee arrived later that night after traveling about 175 miles from his office in Albany to our home in Hampton, just south of Atlanta.

There are many things to say about Lee, but I will simply say that Lee is one of the most honorable and diligent men I have ever had the pleasure to meet in all my 50 years of this life.

Doug and Meredith LuceHampton, GA
Attorney and Legal Investigation Services

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