Criminal Defense Investigations

Witness Interviews, Skip Tracing, Background Investigations

Criminal defense investigations happen when the accused needs additional exploration over what the state provides to help the defense. Sometimes, when investigations are done by the state, they are incomplete or weighted heavily for the prosecution, so it is up to the defense to perform its own criminal defense investigations in order to help bring the truth out at trial and, many times, even before formal charges have been filed, thus avoiding a trial to start with.

When handling criminal defense investigations, you need a team that you can trust to do the right thing, whether that is using male or female trained investigators who are ready to do the job in order to help witnesses feel comfortable. While one witness may feel comfortable talking to a male, another will feel more comfortable talking to a female criminal defense investigator. Some witnesses don’t want to be found. A good criminal defense investigator will locate those who don’t want to be found using various techniques.

Whatever is discovered during a criminal defense investigation can be used in court if the team can get it admitted. A good criminal defense investigation team is well-versed in this area and will ensure that it can get its evidence introduced in court, whether that is providing expert testimony that will evaluate the police investigation showing what the police may have missed or simply providing the evidence to the defense to use in court. A criminal defense investigation can include performing witness interviews, background checks, crime scene searches, and more. It depends on the case, but a good criminal defense investigation is complete and thorough and uses only trained criminal defense investigators.

Criminal defense investigations need to be conducted in a timely, professional manner by trained criminal defense investigators who have access to proper databases and suitable equipment that helps investigators uncover information for the defense that might otherwise have been hidden. Criminal defense investigations can help identify alternative suspects, provide secondary forensic evidence testing, and polygraph exams and interpretations. Only favorable polygraph exams need to be released.

Criminal defense investigations are useful at every stage from criminal complaints to after formal charges are filed. A good criminal defense investigation can preempt formal charges and avoid a trial all together. Criminal defense investigations can also help once charges have been filed by helping bolster the client’s credibility in the community by assisting the accused with compiling community references.

Criminal defense investigations include breaking down witnesses using cross-examination techniques designed to reduce the witnesses credibility using evidence. A criminal defense investigation will also include aggressive investigation into the victim’s background to determine the credibility of the victim and bring to light any other allegations potentially made against others that were not substantiated, showing a pattern of false allegations. Criminal defense investigations can go a long way toward ensuring that the defense team leaves no stone uncovered before, during and after charges have been filed.

Finally, criminal defense investigations can be used to fight for your rights before your case goes to court, once you know you’re under investigation, as well as after charges have been filed. The right time to employ a criminal defense investigation team is the moment you know that you’re a potential suspect.

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